Sunday, March 29, 2009

Morality or desire...What would you choose??

The oscar nominated movie The Reader touches a very sensitive topic that dwelves into every individual's mind at one point of time i.e. how can someone draw the line between morality and desire? Who dictates the moral ethics in the society? Morality in simple terms can be stated as an act which is accepted in the society. Desire is what is acceptable to an individual although it may not be morally correct. This battle between society and individual has long been fought and exists as a cold war in everyone's life. Our every action is governed by society. We modify it according to the standards of the community we live in. But what about our desire? Desires are not monitored or governed by anyone. Not even by the person itself. In Freudian terms,id vs. ego is what drives a human being.

The strongest and the most "sacrilege" topic in Indian society is the most obvious three letter word SEX. It is the most desired instinct in individuals designed by the hormonal reactions in the body. But moral when you indulge in it after abiding by the rituals of matrimony. Immoral sex is like red tapism. All done under the table unless there is a sting operation and you are caught red-handed.There are also many dimensions to it. As in the movie, a 15 year old having sex with a 40 year old...not admissible; self stimulated sex [masturbation]...still not right; sex with the same sex...OH MY GOD!!But these things happen right under the nose of the society gurus and knowingly been ignored. It is at this point where the cold war is favourable towards morality as everything said and done, rules broken, desire being satisfied but we are not going to spread the word as we are "moral" members of our society and cannot see our coming generation being driven by their ids rather than ego.

You may think what is this woman writing!! Has she lost her mind!! I know its funny but this is the truth which deep in our hearts everybody accepts. The chastity of a woman and the potency of a man is questioned by this contention. We judge people on the basis of this notion. Finally the question arises,ultimately who will be the winner between the two? There is no answer to it. Rather it is an open-ended question to which further demur would be added from time to time. What we can do is just listen to it or read and write about it as we are the masters of our psyche and can judge the best.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An ode to my most special friends...

The following poems I had written when I was leaving Kolkata...Jilly and Madhurima are the two very special friends for me...Adding these poems in my blog I just want to let them know how much I love them and miss them...

For Jilly:-

I know a girl
Sweet,charming and pretty
I cant find any words to define her
For my eyes speaks all about her
I want to be her good friend
(Which i dont't know whether I am or not)
But in turn she became my best friend

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But her chatting about Riddhiman and Mayukh
Are like the seasons have all gone

We have departed
Like a baby from its mother
And never know whether we can spend those precious moments again
But still I want to say her
That "Jilly jaisi koi nahi"

She is one who made my days more brighter
My nights more sweeter
My happiness more happier
Whenever I was sad
She is the one who made me smile
She is the one who inspired me
To live a life full of zeal and style

I don't know whether this poem appeals her or not
But the only thing I can say is
'Jilly, Jilly please don't cry
You can forget me by and by'
But I will never forget you
Even when there are
Beautiful moments in my life
Coz I want to experience those
With you by my side

For Madhurima:-

Oh my friend
How will I live without you
I want you not your letters
I want you not your words
Each minute
Each second
I remember the days
That we have spent together
When i joined the group
It was you who always comforted me
Whenever I saw you
I felt I am not alone
I have somebody
Whom i can adore
Your friendship is the most beautiful gift
I can ever get

I yearn for the days
Which have gone
Which brought us together
And made us the bestest of friends
Please remain as you are
The pretty, chirpy and charming