Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Than Words

Dear Words,
Sorry for not writing you. I got busy with diction and talking in your form. Don't think that I don't miss you. It's just that you dissolve in the monotony of this plastic life. I have a lot of things to explain to the world. A lot of your symbols to describe. The ink in my pen has dried. Words, please don't go away from me. You are a potter who mould my thoughts; my dwellings.

I apologise for neglecting you. I drifted away from myself. I have come back to you. I need your help. I am in search of you; of your beauty and grace. How you shape my world and my personae. You define me. You complete me.

Words I can never forget you. I want you.

Please come back.

The Writer.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wandering Part VIII

Its always better to be listeners rather than stating opinions. People are not humiliated, they have nothing to criticise about and no qualms. They are at peace and we are at peace. Humans always want to be heard and want support rather than being jumped upon by others.

I shut my mouth and wander.