Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reminiscing a habit

Dear friend,
How are you? Haven't heard from you for a very long time. Suddenly it struck me that I have atopped writing letters. With technology coming up in a big way we are always connected smses which are usually forwards and stupid jokes. I am too occupied with meaningless pleasures to even type you an e-mail.

Our childhood was full of letters. I remember although we lived only two blocks away still we wrote letters and posted them. We shared our secrets, resolved our fights, express our hatred for a particular person. But today when we are 1500 kilometeres away, we haven't exchanged a single one.

Letters seem to be the best way to express my feelings, to express the situations I am caged in, my views about people and the world.

I will write to you my friend. Please reply back to me too. Let us all over again start the letter chain. I want to talk to you through words coming right from your heart.You are my best friend and I will be true to you.

My pen is mightier than the keyboard. So I will write you letters.

Your Childhood Friend

Wanderings Part IX

How people are fake today. All have the means to ruin ones life. No one can see the other happy. Not even their loved ones (does love exist at all!) Love has turned to a mere thing of insatiablity. Who to blame for this? Materialisation, desperation, deprivation or globalisation?

I see a relationship breaking and wander.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


23 January,20xx
The Indian Express
New Delhi

Things in an ordinary life has not changed but there is a void in several lives with the sudden demise of Delhi born writer Riya Chakravarty. An awardee of Sahitya Academy and Lalit Kala Academy, Riya is noted for her exceptional work in promoting Indian Art & Culture through her writings. Also her first novel, "Little Things", has been nominated for the upcoming Booker Prize. A journalist by professsion, Riya's contribution in reflecting the richness of the country's treasures has been unmeasurable. Her column in The Indian Express, "Shadows Have Lives" on ordinary people who often are lost in the daily humdrum of life, is one of the most reads in the country.

"India has lost it's most important patron who possibly was the only one which gave colour and flavour to the country, rather than reflecting it's deficits.", Anoushka Shankar laments while talking to the media after attending Riya's funeral.

The vacuum that Riya's death has created can never be filled for the years to come. India has surely lost a treasure.

Big dreams also have king-size endings.