Friday, January 29, 2010

Wandering Part VII

Is there anything called love? Why is it so that no one can be trusted? There must be ethics...There must be rules...But who comes up with them? How can so much of negativity exists at the same time? Why is it so difficult to keep a promise? Why is it difficult to be committed to the one you love?

Who has the answers?

I see things around me and wander.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 years to Silver Jubilee...

The search for fresh carrots, small bureaucratic victories, wandering if it's going to rain, and allowing, even if briefly, the thought of new underwear to lift your soul.

It's enough to fill the kind of book that life is too short to read.
- Anjum Hassan

I was supposed to write this post 17 days back, but then thinking about the last twenty years of my life indeed takes a lot of tim. If I rewind the days gone by, there have been as usual some good ones and some bad one. Life has been a roller coaster ride with each day bringing some or the other kind of surprise. Came across so many people; some as acquaintances, very few as good friends.

The bestseller called Life is coming up with further sequel. The character Riya was more of a student learning from her mistakes than a teacher teaching others and giving gyaan. She wishes to be the same in the other sequels too. But in the latest book, she is more confident, focussed and has understood the eccentricities of the world.

The next five years would be like the government's first five years plans, with loads of resolutions and priority areas but don't know what the future has in store for me. How much I will be able to abide by them.

Till then, the next 5 years will see more of soul searching....not to forget, indulging more into my art and culture mania...JNU....falling for weird people...cribbing...bitching...observing...being patient...reading...lost in my own world and wandering.