Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Awakening Part II

With the elections round the corner, there is a lot of hustle and bustle all around the country. Politicians have come out of their white houses and promising flying castles and forts to the common man. On the other hand, people are finally seeing the MLAS and MPs they had voted five years ago. Where had they been? And what about the development they had promised? No answers.

The blame game is as usual on. But yes there has been an awakening of a new kind. Youth are finally realising the importance of voting and are ready to participate in the coming elections. Internet is being seen as the harbinger of this change as organisations like are taking initiatives to include as many young voters in the voters' list. Kudos to them!!

There also has been an army of young politicians in the battlefield this time. Although majority of them belong to the royal political families [Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora, Jyotiraditya Scindia and many others] but there are many middle-aged[note not young but middle aged; a relief from the grandfather aged politicians] people who are standing as independent candidates. Hope they win. My best wishes and my vote to them.

So India's democratic nature is being reflected which is a respite from the fact that people are aware what is happening in the country. But the main question still remains whether it will lead to the grand renaissance which the country is still yearning for. The 'near' utopia dream is still alive in the hearts of the citizens and these elections will again be a test of times of whether this vision will be attained in the next five years.

Viva La India...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock Paper Scissors

Most of us have played this simple game of rock paper scissors at some point of our lives...the simple game of luck...Many made decisions according to this game...For some it is just a timepass during boredom...But has anybody ever thought that it can define personalities of people...Thats what happened with three people who come from different walks of life, different places but when they come together they merge like the game of Rock Paper Scissors...

Rock Paper Scissors...What does three of these elements denote...Have you ever given a thought??...

Tough...Street Smart...Headstrong...stand against odds...Idealistic...confident




I have come across the unison of these three personalities who despite being different,unlike the elements complement each other. They promise to be together in the arduous times ahead. As I observe their kaleidoscopic life as an onlooker, I dwell that how this game of Rock Paper Scissors turns out to be...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sumthin of a mocktale....

10 days and a significant part of college will be in college terms the 2nd semester and for the students a year in the life of SIMC...Sitting near the library suddenly thought of writing the equation that best defines SIMC...

SIMC as a college with a difference can be put into a formula of C5A where

C stands for
CONNECT[with people] {thats what people were trying to do in the 1st semester}
COMMUNICATE [something that does not exist in college]
CONVERGE [the commonly used jargon]
COG IN THE WHEEL [a term which a certain Mr.Goswami has imbibed in us]
CREDIT HOGGERS [you will find in plenty in here]

A stands for
Amalgamation [the much hated word in the premises!]

All this and much more jazz is the essence of this "premier" media institute..Following are the do's and dont's which a SIMCian should always keep in mind...

1. Always keep in mind the C5A formula.
2. To prove yourself, make a movie. [Ripping and Plagiarism is always invited]
3. Take SIMC as a roadies show. [Thats the best way to survive]{you like splitsville...o that is invited too}
4. If you think you have the qualities of a politician. Don't let it go waste. Use it to your fullest potential.
5. Have an opinion of everything. [However useless and illogical it is]
6. Talk in generalised terms. People love it. [the only way lectures can be understood here]
7. Deprived of sleep? MINDROOM 501 can provide you with the most comfortable mattresses in town.[and lullabies too]
8. If in Section argue and deliberate.
9. Love the staircase. [you have to climb 104 steps if there is a power cut]
10. Try to understand the group dynamics of the "defined" groups.
11. Have an artistic inclination? explore it. [you'll get ample time for it during lectures]

1. Miss college in the first month. [it will surely screw your attendance and much dilemma comes in the latter half]
2. Mess up with the administration. [SIMC is actually under them]
3. Have a valid point during lectures. Please don't speak up. [nobody would entertain]
4. Do not enter the lift if there are people less than 15. [ that is the official record till now]
5. Don't be the change. Rather change yourself.
6. Finally,don't forget your ipods and cellphones. [you'll need them during lectures]