Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As I see the sun setting...

O setting sun,
How has your day been?
Do you like the mountains or the seas?
Do you like the stars or the creatures down below?

How is it?
When the moon takes your glory at night?
When you hide in the hills and we search your light?

I become prudent
Seeing you hide behind the faraway mountains
Enjoying the cool breeze that welcomes the night.
Wonder why I like darkness?
Wonder why I want to hide in your veil?

O setting sun
Tell me all about yourself
As I sit , ready to give my ear to you

O setting sun,
Please tell me
How has your day been?


Anonymous said...

what a nice work....

Keep blogging

Karan said...

Nice share."Sun" would take some time to reply ,till then , his "son" will do it. :)