Friday, July 30, 2010

The rabbit and the turtle

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit and a turtle. The rabbit was the fastest runner in town. He had won many racing events in his lifetime. On the other hand, the turtle was a lazy, slow runner with no past records. Through test of times, both the animals faced each other and were competing against each other.

Both the rabbit and the turtle took their positions and the referee called out, "On your mark" and whistle. Off the rabbit ran and the tortoise swaggered. The rabbit was consistent in his speed and ran and ran towards the finishing line.

In this course, the turtle suddenly stopped, miles behind the rabbit, trying to catch up breath. The reason? He was waiting for his dad to get the shiny silver spoon with the magical potion of success.

The rabbit upon being only 10 metres away from the finishing line looks back to check the tortoise in any way near to him. But the turtle was no where to be seen. "My win is not far.", he thought and started running faster.

Upon reaching the finishing line with his eyes closed, he exclaimed, "Yes! I am the champion." But then, as he came face to face with reality, he realised that there was no rope when he crossed the line , the referee is nowhere to be seen. Then his eyes spotted a crowd cheering, jumping and yelling, "Hip Hip Hurray!". He walked towards the mob and saw the tortoise standing in the 1st position with the cup in his hand and the silver spoon in his mouth. The rabbit disheartened, left.

Moral: And still we think, 'slow and steady wins the race.'

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Aniket said...

I really did not understand the meaning of this post. It lacked any direction.

"And we still think, slow and steady wins the race."
What does this mean!? I mean there seriously is no connection. The tortoise has a magic potion and then the rabbit sees he has won. I get the idea, ok. But what does the moral have to do with the whole story?!