Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Writers' Bloc

It is very frustrating when for hours you stare at your computer screen with the 'new post' window open and nothing in your head pouring in.

For over a month I have been going through this dilemma; typing out words and then deleting it. What may be the reason?

Have my thoughts exhausted?


Too many thoughts, but no structure to it?

Am I not observing things?


Observing too many things, to reflect on?

Am I not spending much time with myself?


Spending too much time, to give myself a thought?

I don't know how long would this phase haunt me and I lose all the words to design my wanderings.

Afterall, Writers' Bloc is every writer's fear.

1 comment:

Ankita Bora said...

Dude I love this one!! Can totally relate to the dilemma!