Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Am...

I am...

A girl:

When I relish a pastry with cream all over my face.

A lady:

When I am working on my laptop with a cup of coffee on my table.

A daughter:

When I want ma to be with me when I am ill.

A sister:

When I get those music band posters printed for my brother.

A mother:

When my best friend doesn't feel like going to college and I have to remind her about the attendance.

A friend:

When I make those 'larger than life' plans with friends which will come true some day.

A lover:

When I fantasize about them.

A Goddess:

When I give all the philosophical and spiritual gyan to others but have no takers for it.

A foe:

When I am mean to people and bitch about them at their back.

A dreamer:

When I think about what all things I have to do in my life and work towards it.

A devil:

When I want something bad to happen to that particular person whom I hate at that point of time.

A princess:

When I have the room to myself at night and I curl up under my thick blanket.

A dancer:

When I am performing in front of an audience and I can hear them applaud.

A singer:

When I am humming a tune of my favourite song.

An artist:

When I am scribbling and drawing random patterns in my notebook while a boring lecture is on.

An actor:

When I feel the need to be accepted and pretend.

I am
MYSELF when all the above exists in me...

When I am complete.

We all play different roles and I am no different.

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Rohini said...

I liked this..Simple and meaningful